Barth, Christian Frederik (1787-1861)

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EVB 3805                                                Spielpartitur & 2 Stimmen

Barth, Christian Frederik (1787 - 1861
for Oboe & Piano
Herausgeber: Emilio Lede

Christian Frederik Barth (1787-1861) was a Danish oboist and composer, son of Christian Samuel Barth (1735-1809), oboe virtuoso educated at the Thomasschule in Leipzig under J. S. Bach and established in the Copenhagen Royal Orchestra since 1786. Christian Frederik was a pupil of his father and joined the same orchestra as early as 1802; except for one year in Berlin, he remained there until 1841, touring frequently in Europe. Among his works stand out five oboe concertos, the Rondeau suisse for oboe and orchestra, the Divertissement for oboe and string quartet and the Sonate Brillant for oboe and piano.

This edition is based on two sources preserved at the Prague Conservatory. The first one is an oboe part with numerous indications added by one or maybe two players; the second one is a score probably written later due to more modern notation and a greater number of errors. On the cover of the oboe part, signed by G. Bauer, the scoring of this concertino is indicated in French: oboe accompanied by two violin parts, violas, basses, two flutes and two horns. The title of this part is “concerto”, but we favour the word “concertino” – as in the cover of the score – because this piece is written in a single movement. Due to the large amount of discrepancies between the two sources, specially with regard to articulation, we propose two different oboe parts; so the player can choose the one he prefers.


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