Stölzel, Gottfried Heinrich (1690-1749)

Sonata a 4
für Oboe, Violino, Cornu da Caccia (in F) & Basso
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EVB 3807                                    Spielpartitur & Stimmen

Stölzel, Gottfried Heinrich (1690-1749)
Sonata a 4
Herausgeber: Stefaan Verdegem

Gottfried Heinrich Stölzel (1690-1749) spent most of his life as Kapellmeister at the court of Sachsen-Gotha. A contemporary of Bach, Telemann and Händel, he was held in high esteem during his lifetime. He composed mostly vocal works, but was also prolific in instrumental genre and published a few theoretical writings. After his death Stölzel was largely forgotten, and likely many of his compositions were lost.

For a long time scholars thought that the Brussels manuscript B-Bc 7.108 of the Sonata a 4, Oboe, Violino, Corno di Caccia & Basso di Stoelzel was another copy of one of eight similar Stölzel quartets, all of them in F, of which manuscript copies are in the Sächsische Landesbibliothek – Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Dresden. It is however a different piece, making this the Stölzel Sonata a 4 no. 9 for this uncommon combination of instruments. Because of the similarities with the Dresden sonatas in both instrumentation and compositional style, one may assume that the composer is indeed Gottfried Heinrich Stölzel, although the title page of the Brussels manuscript does not mention any first name of the composer. The Brussels manuscript is likely not an autograph but a copy. In any case no other copy of this same piece could be located thus far.

This present edition follows the Brussels ms. parts as close as possible, correcting a few obvious errors. Also, no dynamic indications or articulations have been added to the original text, leaving this open to the performer.

Realization of figured bass: Toby Sermeus


Movement 1 – Andante
bar 21, oboe part: second F is corrected to F♮, similar to bar 3.
bar 21, bass part: F on the 3rd beat is corrected to F♮, similar to bar 3.

Movement 3 – Vivace
bar 44, oboe part: notes D-E-F♮ changed into E-F-G to fit with the bass line.


Stefaan Verdegem



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