Sharma, L. (*1951)

Water Birds
for 4 Bassoons
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EVB 3402                           Partitur & Stimmen

Water Birds

- Ducks March to the Pond
- Swans
- Cranes & Mallards

 Liz Sharma (*1951)                 
I studied composition with Richard Arnell at Trinity College of Music, but became Head of Music in Comprehensive schools. I ran choirs, orchestras, dance groups, steel bands, Indian Music groups, and in response to student demand, Turkish, Somali and Chinese groups. The tough environments, and heavy work load meant I had to concentrate on composing for schools rather than anything else.

Through my performing groups, I achieved a reputation for ‘World Music’ and was asked to write several books, including ‘Music Worldwide’ for C.U.P, and to advise education authorities on ‘World Music’ programmes.

For seven years I was Music Co-ordinator in a Special School, and wrote music for students with learning difficulties, and also worked with disabled adults. In the last few years I have taught music in several multi racial primary schools, and composed several works in which children perform with adult orchestral musicians, including a work in the Spring of 2010 for a Wider Opportunities project for Manchester Camerata.

A more flexible work pattern since 2001 at last allows me to compose prolifically and a great deal of instrumental and vocal music is performed, both by adults and youth ensembles. I was Composer in Residence at a course for advanced wind players in France 5 times, and at a festival for bassoonists of all standards & ages in Leipzig, twice.

I have composed for many music courses and Summer Schools, including courses at Dartington International Summer School for the last 7 years.

I was commissioned to set stories to music for a Dorset orchestra, with Martin Clunes  as narrator, in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

I welcome new opportunities to compose music for a wide range of performers.

 Liz Sharma


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